Train Your Brain (TYB) is an innovative technology solution and the answer to today’s innovative education requirements. TYB has been designed to address the internet and social web needs as highlighted by schools, school governing bodies, educators and business.

Schools and businesses need a solution that:

  • Provides a connection to the world’s latest knowledge
  • Gives learners and staff a library on-the-go
  • Allows users to empower themselves
  • Connects to the world’s most reputable sources of information
  • Organises information for users to work alongside company strategy
  • Carries the current school curriculum and all related information to foster curiosity

TYB is a platform that supports learning and feeds the spirit of curiosity without the distractions of the internet. It is a solution that develops users and a technology that is connected to the most reputable sources of knowledge and information from the across the globe.

TYB information multimedia information library

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  • intel.png
  • khan-academy.png
  • learn-things.png
  • macmillian.png
  • mindset-learn.png
  • mit.png
  • pearson.png
  • pm2_simple.png
  • prestigio.png
  • sentech.png
  • soulcity.png
  • spartan.png
  • synology.png
  • ted.png
  • tutor_sos.png
  • wikipedia.png