MIB Technology and its team of instructional and design specialists embarked on extensive research to build a robust, cutting-edge and customisable e-learning solution for business and organisations alike. E-corporate was built and continues to evolve around the ever-changing technology and training needs of businesses that lead the pack, organisations that craft the curve that everyone else follows.

We understand that in order to continue providing unparalleled service to customers and clients, every business needs:

  • A world-class learning and training system that competes with the very best in the world
  • Visionary people who take the initiative to upskill themselves by using a system that fosters organisational growth
  • A customisable system that allows for peer-to-peer engagement and skills transfer.

Unlike a fixed solution that businesses and organisations fit themselves into, E-corporate was built to be fully customisable and to work with your growing needs. This solution enables businesses to:

  • Enrol trainees and employees for training
  • Schedule course material
  • Invite attendees both inside E-corporate and through social media
  • Utilise a world-class learner management system (lsm) to allow for course flexibility and other added benefits
  • Test trainees and employees throughout courses

E-corporate creates a virtual training environment that can be tapped into by pre-selected attendees. This solution is the answer to continuously training and interacting with relevant information through online courses that fit both your budget and training needs.

Contact us for your E-corporate demo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +27 10 007 1636

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