Transformation Agenda

MIB Technology embraces all the principles of transformation and to show our commitments we have formulated a transformation agenda that will be driven hard as a business imperative.
MIB Technology remains committed to genuine broad based transformation across all aspects of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Codes of Good Practice.

MIB Technology will drive focus on a number of these areas in the year under review, notably, employment equity, where the black staff complement will be gradually increased in relation to business growth from current 50% to 60% and skills development spend which will be increased threefold.

Suitably qualified black candidates will be given first preference for all employment vacancies within MIB Technology.


Black employees with potential will be placed on an accelerated training in order to acquire the skills for the next promotional level once potential candidates are identified for promotional opportunities.


The group encourages effective employer/employee communication with the objective of the early identification and resolution of potential areas of conflict.

The legislative requirements for expanded worker participation have been accommodated within the existing structures.

Skills development

MIB Technology is committed to providing optimum opportunities for all employees to develop their skills and ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge and expertise to flourish in their chosen careers.

We will endeavor to improve our skills that cover many different disciplines from both a technical and business perspective.

This is in addition to existing mentorship program’s and the specific skills training, which enables employees to stay up to date with the latest software and hardware technology developments.

We actively encourage our employees and client employees to obtain short causes certification and tertiary qualifications appropriate to the business.

We also plan to register with the relevent SETA body in order to adhere to the skill development legislation.


Were required to source supplies and/ outsource some of our work, we will endeavor always give preferential treatment to HDI’s and create opportunities to deserving black-owned businesses.


In its journey to pre-eminence MIB Technology management will remain focused and open minded to investment opportunities that can enhance its business growth and market sustainability.

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